The InTouch system is a way of ensuring that you have considered how communication will work in your Scouting activities.  There's a simple proforma, which is basically a thinking prompt.  It guides you through four basic types of communication: how you'll communicate with parents, how parents will communicate with you, how participants will communicate with parents, and how you'll communicate with Commissioners and/or HQ in the event of an emergency.  The InTouch system you use on a normal meeting night would be different to the one you'd use on an outdoor activity, and to a residential experience.

This links to the In Touch area on the UKHQ website.

Here's a guidance sheet to guide you through it: InTouch guidance sheet

And here's a blank proforma for you to complete: InTouch proforma

The following factsheet is very useful and contains worked examples for different situations: InTouch Factsheet FS120075