Adventurous Activities

Adventurous Activities are part of the bread and butter of Scouting.  Taking part in adventurous activities is fun, it stretches our young people to challenge their limits, and it helps to develop trust, teamwork and physical fitness... all part of the purpose and aims of Scouting.

It's important to offer adventurous activities in all Sections, but they should be progressive.  They should challenge the young people, make them buzz, but not frighten them or put them in any danger.

ALL ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES SHOULD BE RISK ASSESSED.  You decide whether that risk assessment should be written down or not, but it is essential that it is communicated to all appropriate adults and young people, is acted on, and is amended as necessary if conditions dictate.  More information on Risk Assessment, running safe activities, and accident and near-miss reporting can be found on the Safety page.

Where specialist skills and knowledge are required to ensure that activities are run safely, the leader of the activity should have an activity permit for that activity.  Some activities also have specific rules or guidance which have been put in place by The Scout Association to ensure that it is run safely.  If you run an activity without following these rules and guidelines, you risk Scout Insurance being invalid.

When running an activity yourself, the first port of call should be the A-Z Activities list on (linked above), or the Scout Led Activities Index (factsheet FS 120084).  This will advise you on any rules or guidance you need to follow.

When running an activity using an external provider, such as an activity centre, there is also an Externally Led Activities Index (factsheet FS120086) advising you on what you should do for various activities.

It's safe to assume that if your activity isn't listed on the A-Z, then no specific rules apply, and you just need to run it with common sense and a risk assessment in mind.

Activity Permits - Use this form if you would like to get on a training course to gain an adventurous activity permit.  Use this form if you have already got the skills and experience, or hold a NGB qualification in an adventurous activity, and you would like to apply for a permit.